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Homemade Chocolate Shop in Downtown Blue Ridge

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This yummy chocolate shop is located in the courtyard of downtown Blue Ridge. Don't know where the courtyard is? Well, you need to find it. It is a lovely courtyard located between Harvest on Main and Christy Lee's Courtyard Grill. In the evenings the courtyard is lit up with relaxing lights, and in the winter there is a firepit burning.

Under Harvest on Main is where the Sweet Shoppe of Blue Ridge is located. Each day they have different specialty cupcakes for sale. They also have homemade cookies. The day I was in there, I got one fresh out of the oven!

Also available are many different flavors of truffles and fruit on a stick! We have white chocolate dipped blueberries on a wooden skewer. The blueberries were a very refreshing treat walking down the streets of Blue Ridge. I saved the Blonde Bombshell cupcake and Strawberry Lemonade cupcake for a treat later. YUM!

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