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Save the Hemlocks in Fannin County

The public is invited to a free Hemlock Help Clinic presented by SAVE GEORGIA’S HEMLOCKS for information on the threat to our hemlocks and how to recognize it, the options for saving these valuable trees, and the help that is available to homeowners. It will be held on Tuesday, April 20 at 6 p.m. at the Appalachian Bank in Blue Ridge. The meeting is co-sponsored by Trout Unlimited Blue Ridge Chapter and the Fannin County Extension Service.

The hemlocks in north Georgia are being threatened by a spreading infestation of the hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA), an invasive insect native to Asia with no local natural predator, and they are present in Towns County. You can identify these pests by the tiny white woolly egg sacs on the underside of the hemlock branches.

The bad news is that if infested trees are not treated, they will almost certainly die within the next few years. The good news is that homeowners can save their hemlocks easily and inexpensively, and spring is the best time to do it.

SAVE GEORGIA’S HEMLOCKS, a statewide nonprofit organization, has a free Hemlock Help for Homeowners program to raise public awareness of the hemlock problem and enable homeowners to save their trees for the lowest possible cost. For individuals interested in a do-it-yourself option, the Hemlock Help Line (706-429-8010) can provide information on where to borrow a soil injector, advice on purchasing the treatment products economically, and instructions for the treatment procedure. For those who prefer to contract with a licensed professional to treat their trees, the Hemlock Help Line can supply a list of qualified local companies specializing in saving hemlocks.

If you have Hemlocks, they are in danger. For more information, call the Hemlock Help Line 706-429-8010 or visit

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