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Tubing in McCaysville

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There is a one mile stretch of the Toccoa River that runs from Horseshoe Bend Park to the City of McCaysville. There are 2 companies that offer tubing. We have always used Toccoa River Adventures (TRA). They are $5 per tube and their outpost is on the left as you are leaving McCaysville. Just drive north on Hwy 5 and turn right at the 3 way stop. You will see them on the right.

They have some parking at the checking and another parking lot directly across the street past the rail road tracks. We have tubed with them several times and they are super friendly.

Typically it is a very leisurely float, but if you plan it when the Blue Ridge Dam is releasing it is much faster. Ask for an extra tube and use it to hold your cooler! We look forward to the next hot summer day so we can do this again!


They also rent kayaks. They will shuttle you down to Curtis Switch and you can kayak the 5 or 6 miles back to Toccoa River Adventures. Its really only fun to do this longer kayak trip when the dam is releasing because if the dam is not releasing the water is too low and it takes too long. You can always check the Blue Ridge Dam Release schedule here.

Blue Ridge Weekender

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