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Mountain Bike Ride - Tanasi Trails

We were about to head back down to Atlanta, when Dusty called us late Sunday afternoon and asked if we wanted to go for a mountain bike ride. We headed down to Brush Creek trail towards Boydd Gap. We had just done it recently on our Hybrids, but this time we got a chance to borrow some real mountain bikes from Dusty at Raft One.

Since it had been raining all weekend, the trail was covered with puddles and mud, making some of the turns a little dicey. Neither of us could keep up with Dusty and Brent has they screamed in front of us. Instead of doing the 7 mile trail directly to Boydd Gap, the brothers took us along a side track that took us closer to the lake but was still a 7 mile loop. It was an excellent introduction to Mountain Bike riding.

If you are ever in the area and want to rent some bikes and get some advice on which trails are best for your skill level, the guys at Raft One have great information on mountain biking on the Tanasi Trails as well as whitewater rafting on the ocoee.

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